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Garrison Architects Designing Solid-Surface Bathroom Prototype with Evans & Paul

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LG Hi-Macs is a cutting edge solid surface material that is extremely versatile: it can be milled, thermaformed, and fabricated to create virtually any form while retaining its strength and rigidity. Garrison Architects is developing a bathroom prototype created entirely with the material for Evans & Paul. The resulting design incorporates all elements of the bathroom, from the walls, floors and ceilings, to the sink basin, toilet and lighting, into a hi-tech space that is easy to install and extremely durable. 


The prototype is ADA compliant, and it eliminates subcontractor oversight, resulting in fast-tracked bathroom installations. The bathroom can be assembled from pieces on-site, making it perfect for renovations as well as new construction projects.


We will be showcasing our design this October - stay tuned for more details!