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Syracuse University School of Architecture

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View of skylight from ground floor 900 0x0x3191x2259 q85
Atrium third floor 900 0x0x1548x1680 q85
Auditorium and gallery2 900 0x0x3744x5616 q85
Auditorium interior 2a 900 0x0x4734x3492 q85
Auditorium interior 3a 900 0x0x2832x1913 q85
Atrium 1st floor 900 0x0x1333x2000 q85
Classroom 900 0x0x1600x1200 q85
Site photo 002 900 0x0x1600x1200 q85
Section a 900 96x0x4925x3220 q85
Auditorium axon 900 0x276x1700x1807 q85

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Lehman Child Care Center
Irish Repertory Theatre


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