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Syracuse University School of Architecture

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View of skylight from ground floor 900 0x0x3191x2259 q85
Atrium 1st floor 900 0x50x1333x1883 q85
Entrance to auditorium 900 0x0x2000x1318 q85
Atrium 900 46x205x1295x1738 q85
Auditorium and gallery2 900 0x480x3744x5136 q85
Auditorium interior 2a 900 0x0x4734x3492 q85
Auditorium interior 3a 900 0x0x2832x1913 q85
Auditorium axon hq 900 247x272x1189x1590 q85
Section 02 no legend 900 374x341x1253x760 q85
Floor plan  legend 900 302x151x1470x1251 q85
Section 01 legend 900 394x282x1299x969 q85

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Lehman Child Care Center
Irish Repertory Theatre


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