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The Seventy-Six
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Architecture/Multi-family/Modular Projects
450,000 sf
Albany, NY
Blue Ribbon for Design Excellence
NYSERDA Building of Excellence Grant
Brooklyn AIA 2022 Excellence Award
South End Development, LLC
In progress

The Seventy-Six will be the first triple Net Zero (Energy, Water, and Waste) multifamily/mixed-use project in the United States.
The project seeks to create a complete transformation of the area, including the creation of economic and environmental equity by integrating scalable ownership models into businesses and homes.
A radically sustainable infrastructure with high quality, affordable, and flexible housing that meets universal design and accessibility requirements that can accommodate aging, changes in family size, and alternative living arrangements.

This Zero Impact Development will create 100% of energy demand with renewable sources, conserve 100% of water consumed, recycle, and compost 100% of generated waste. Distributing water and energy infrastructure, by using shared and scalable energy generation and water treatment to create energy resilience and eliminate combined sewage/storm outflows; the project will also be able to integrate regional food production and urban farming infrastructure using various techniques including vertical gardens and marine organism/terrestrial aquaculture, to establish stable food markets, affordable high-quality foods, and workforce opportunities.

The Living Machine will utilize and demonstrate interdependent biological cycles to grow, clean, and maintain the environment including constructed wetlands, organics composting, and water reuse; that will help to achieve environmental justice by providing clean air, water, and nutritious foods in a non-toxic material environment.

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