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Pod Hotel Brooklyn
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The Pod Hotel is a contextually considered building choreographed to create multiple and diverse spatial experiences. Located in Williamsburg Brooklyn within an unusual horizontal enclave in the context of an increasingly vertical city.
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100,000 sf
Brooklyn, NY
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Pod Hotel

The Driggs Pod is a 100,000 square foot mixed use hotel and commercial development in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The building is located in an old manufacturing district that is transforming into one of the most lively cultural centers outside Manhattan. It provides an affordable place to stay for visitors to New York City travelling on a budget.

The idea of the Pod Hotel is to reduce cost by minimizing individual room sizes and to maximize social opportunities by providing generous communal spaces. Therefore, the building includes shared amenities, such as planted courtyard spaces, a restaurant and bar, a roof garden, and roof terrace bars.

The success of the Pod Hotel relies on intelligent and efficient design to provide attractive, spacious-feeling lodgings. Each room is about one hundred square feet. To accommodate this, bathrooms are included in the room space and enclosed with glass dividers to expand the visual dimensions of the room. Windows are strategically placed to draw the eye outside, Storage, workspaces and seating areas are optimized so that every surface is used for a function.

The Driggs Pod Hotel is designed as a modular system with two rooms and a corridor joined to create ten foot by thirty foot prefabricated components. The modular system is designed on a BIM platform so that it can serve as a shop drawing and fabrication resource for the manufacturer. This manufacturing approach dramatically reduces construction time and trade coordination errors.

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